Riot Games today revealed more information about the upcoming Teamfight Tactics Set Four, confirming it will be coming very soon.

TFT Set Four, officially named Fates, shall be live when Patch 10.19 lands on September 16th. The fourth set will once again overhaul major aspects of the game making Teamfight Tactics look like a completely new game for players who started out in Set Three. Bringing to the game a whole bunch of new champions, origins, traits, items and naturally, more Little Legends.

Teamfight Tactics Fates News

Players can look forwards to a new batch of game mechanics, a predicted roster of 58 champions and various items in the latest TFT Fates set. Additionally, we’ll no doubt see the all-new Fates pass and Fates Pass+ which should include fresh Fates Booms, thematic Fates Little Legends and more.

Set Four, Fates, is expected to go live on 16 September with TFT patch 10.19. On the third day of the Galaxies Championship, players can get a first look at the upcoming set and have access to it on the PBE shortly after Patch 10.18.