Teamfight Tactics is rolling out at different times in each region on a deliberate timeline. Find out when TFT is enabled for your region

The introductory to League of Legends latest game mode, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) has caused temporary restrictions to be in place. This is to prevent any sort of disruption of your games by keeping the server stable.

TFT has been available on LoL PBE Servers for the past couples of weeks but due to very high demand, the server became unstable. Users who wish to test out the new game mode were made to wait for long periods of time in queue, trying to log in.

Many users left the client open overnight in the hope that they can play TFT as soon as they wake up. However, staying in the queue for lengthy times experienced some side effects and even prompted Riot Games to issue a warning.

Long Queue Times Problems and Warnings LoL
Long Queue Times Problems and Warnings – LoL

Staying in the queue was consuming a lot of storage space on your hard drive as records of logs were mounting up. At set intervals, LoL attempted to log you into the client. However, behind the scenes, a log file is stored, keeping a record every action of data between you and their server.

Ensuring if there are any problems or errors you encounter, LoL will possess all the information they need to identify what had happened and implement steps to prevent these issues from happening again.

Therefore, the longer you stayed in the queue the bigger the log data become.

TFT Release Timeline

To make sure the main servers that host the live version of LoL runs smoothly as possible, temporary restrictions have been put in place. In some regions, there is a Level 10 requirement for TFT and the game starts being throttled, luckily it’s only in place for one day.

For general regions these restrictions are in effect:-

  • Transfers of accounts are disabled until 1st July.
  • Practice Tool will be disabled.
  • Custom modes are limited to 10 players minimum.

In regions, NA,EUW/N, KR, VN, TW, LAN and LAS, TFT missions and client hub will be postponed until the following week after the game mode is release. Everyone is given a free Little Legends, therefore, Riot Games are doing all that they can to make sure no one runs into any problems. Once they are confident that everything is working as it should, missions will then be enabled.

Note: “You will not earn progress towards the free “Beta Pass” until this system is up and running. This means that your free Little Legend, emotes, icon, and board skin will be delayed

Check below to find out when TFT is enabled in your region.

TFT Timeline Release Schedule LoL
TFT Timeline Release Schedule – LoL