Find out when Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass ends for you and what does it mean?

Players will only have a few more days to progress in TFT and collect exclusive rewards. Depending on your region, the beta pass could stop as soon as tomorrow 23rd July 2019. Find out when it will stop in your region.

Due to the popularity of Teamfight Tactics (TFT), Riot Games began delaying the accessibility of the game mode in certain regions to prevent overloading their servers. This was to ensure it did not impact the players gaming experience. Some regions even had to wait days before they could experience League Of Legends newest automation round-based game mode.

Although the scheduled rollout seemed to be effective, TFT was still in high demand and Riot Games had to resort in temporarily shutting down practice and custom modes to help them cope.

Once, the server stabilised with the high traffic of users, players begin to craft and form many team compositions and strategies to try and become the last one standing in TFT. Earning orb enlightenment for every time you played or completed TFT Missions to help you progress TFT Beta Pass.

At certain milestones in the TFT Beta Pass, players were rewarded with TFT related rewards like Little Legends, Icons, Map Chromas and Emotes.

TFT Beta Pass Rewards League Of Legends
TFT Beta Pass Rewards – League Of Legends

Riot Games have now issued deadline dates for when the Beta Pass Closes, meaning you will be unable to earn rewards you have yet to claim.

Due to certain regions gain access to TFT at later stages, their Beta Pass will close at a later date. So each region would have had a full month each of the Beta Pass. Below we have outlined each region deadline date.

JP23rd July 14:59 PDT
OCE 23rd July 12:59 PDT
TR/RU 24rd July 15:59 PDT
PH/TH/SG 25rd July 13:59 PDT
BR 26rd July 09:59 PDT

What will happen once TFT Pass has ended?

Riot Games are planning offering reward very similar to the beta pass rewards we just had in the next second chapter of the Beta Pass. But have plans to “shake things up” in future passes.

As the game mode is still in beta, Riot Games are continuing to finalise and get everything in place for the longer-term progression system. Your feedback will help shape the future of TFT.

TFT Second chapter Beta Pass Release Date?

The next phase of the TFT Beta Pass will start on patch 9.16. We are currently on patch 9.14 and with each LoL update typically bi-weekly, we should expect to see the beta pass become available within a month (around 13th August).