Discover brand-new Traits and champions as we prepare for TFT latest chapter Rise of the Elements

The newest chapter of TFT Rise of the Elements hits PBE later today but heaps of information have begun spilling out onto the web, revealing Teamfight Tactics new champions, Origins and Classes. In addition, the TFT board is set to increase in size with some the hexes turning into the new Elemental Hexes. TFT new core mechanic.

Existing champions will also be listed below as their traits or abilities have been reworked providing them with new stats and details.

TFT Rise of the Elements Champion List

Complete list of all champions stats, Origins, Classes and Synergies over at TFT Rise of the Elements: Set 2 Champions, Origins and Classes


  • Traits: Light/Blademaster
  • Ability – The Darkin Blade: Aatrox cleaves the area in front of him, dealing damage to enemies inside it.
  • 3 Cost


  • Traits: Inferno/Summoner
  • Ability: Summon Tibbers to deal area damage, Tibbers deals a lot of magic damage with his AA.
  • 4 Cost


  • Traits: Crystal/Ranger
  • Ability – Ranger Concentration: For 5 seconds, Ashe gains + 50/75/100% attack speed, and her base attacks fire a 5-burst blast that inflicts 50/85/120% physical damage (total: 250/420 / 600 pts of damage).
  • 4 Cost


  • Traits: Desert/Summoner
  • Ability: Azir summons a Sand Soldier for 6 seconds. Whenever Azir attacks, Sand Soldiers attack too. They damage enemies ‘in a line.’
  • 3 Cost


  • Traits: Glacial/Warden
  • Ability: Unbreakable: Braum raises his shield toward the furthest enemy, reducing incoming damage from that direction and blocking projectiles.
  • 2 Cost


  • Traits: Poison/Predator


  • Traits: Inferno/Assassin
  • Ability – Flame Cascade: Diana creates three orbs that rotate around her and that explode when hitting an enemy dealing 60/100/140 magic damage. In addition, Diana generates a shield that lasts 3 seconds and absorbs the next 150/250/350 of damage received.
  • 2 Cost

Dr. Mundo

  • Traits: Poison/Berserker
  • Ability – Adrenaline Injection: Dr. Mundo creates a toxic cloud around itself for 8 seconds, which deals 40/110/160 +1.25% magical damage to all nearby enemies every second and heals it by 100/150/200% of this value.
  • 3 Cost


  • Traits: Glacial/Ranger
  • Ability: Fires a frozen shot at the lowest HP enemy.
  • 3 Cost


  • Traits: Wind/Mystic
  • Ability: Cast a wind blast that lasts for 3 seconds, heals allies for 30%/40%/80% max HP, and stuns enemies for 1 second.
  • 4 Cost


  • Traits: Light/Berserker
  • Ability: Dodge for 2 seconds, then strike nearby enemies 150/250/350 and stun 1.5 seconds.
  • 2 Cost


  • Traits: Woodland/Druid
  • Ability: Gives the lowest health champion a shield that lasts for 5 seconds, 200/400/600.
  • 1 Cost


  • Traits: Desert/Assassin
  • Ability – Void Massacre: Kha’Zix takes stealth and attacks the enemy with the lowest Life after 2 / 1.25 / 0.5s, causing Critical Strikes automatically and restoring 5/10/15 Mana.
  • 4 Cost


  • Traits: Shadow/Inferno/Ranger
  • Ability – Arrow Dance: Wolf attacks Kindred’s target by inflicting 150/325/500 of magical damage, while Lamb leaps away from the target.
  • 3 Cost


  • Traits: Poison/Predator
  • Ability: After a short delay, a projectile lands on a random enemy, dealing 125/275/425 damage.
  • 1 Cost


  • Traits: Woodland/Assassin/Mage
  • Ability – Eether Currents: LeBlanc launches an ethereal current toward a random enemy, dealing 200/450/700 damage and stunning him for 1.5s after a brief interval.
  • 2 Cost


  • Traits: Any Element/Avatar
  • 7 Cost


  • Traits: Mountain/Warden
  • Ability – Uncontrollable Force: Malphite advances toward a random enemy, inflicting 125/200/275 damage and knocking all nearby enemies into the air, stunning them for 2 / 2.5 / 3s.
  • 4 Cost


  • Traits: Shadow/Summoner
  • Ability: ???
  • 2 Cost


  • Traits: Woodland/Druid
  • Ability: ???
  • 1 Cost

Master Yi

  • Traits: Shadow/Blademaster/Mystic
  • Ability: ???
  • 5 Cost


  • Traits: Ocean/Mystic
  • Ability – Tidal Wave: Nami sends a massive wave toward a random enemy, damaging and knocking up enemies it passes through and granting allies it passes through bonus magic damage on hit.
  • 5 Cost


  • Traits: Light/Warden
  • Ability – Fury of the Dawn: Nasus temporarily enrages, gaining bonus health and damaging adjacent enemies each second for the duration.
  • 1 Cost


  • Traits: Ocean/Warden
  • Ability – Depth Charge: Nautilus sends out a depth charge that seeks out the furthest enemy champion, knocking them up and stunning them for a really long time.
  • 3 Cost


  • Traits: Eternum/Assassin
  • Ability: Steel Blades: Passive – Every third hit is strengthened and inflicts damage on all nearby enemies, and also restores his health in the amount of 75/100/125% of the inflicted injuries.
  • 3 Cost


  • Traits: Glacial/Beserker
  • Ability:??
  • 4 Cost


  • Traits: Electric/Warden
  • Ability – Electrifying Breath: Ornn unleashes lightning bolts in a cone in front of him, dealing 100/200/300 Magic Damage to all enemies hit and increasing the chance of Critical Strike by 20% for 4s.
  • 1 Cost


  • Traits: Variable/Assassin
  • Ability – Edge of Ixtal: Qiyana dashes to the side of her target and throws a blast of wind through them, damaging and stunning enemies it passes through.
  • 3 Cost


  • Traits: Eternum/Predator
  • Ability: Deals 200/550/900 True Damage to an enemy.
  • 2 Cost


  • Traits: Desert/Berserker
  • Ability – Innocent Slaughter: Renekton swings the blade for 150/274/400 physical damage to nearby enemies and restoring 150/250/350 health on every hit.
  • 1 Cost


  • Traits: Poison/Alchemist
  • Ability – Poison Trap (Passive): Singed leaves a poison cloud behind, where he goes. When an opponent moves in it, they are poisoned and suffer 400/800/1200 damage over 4 seconds.
  • 5 Cost


  • Traits: Shadow/Beserker
  • Ability – ???
  • 3 Cost


  • Traits: Desert/Blademaster
  • Ability: ???
  • 3 Cost


  • Traits: Crystal/Predator
  • Ability: ???
  • 2 Cost


  • Traits: Light/Mystic
  • Ability: ???
  • 3 Cost


  • Traits: Ocean/Mage
  • Ability – Hydro Sphere: Syndra conjures a Hydro Sphere at a target location that damages enemies.
  • 2 Cost


  • Traits: Mountain/Mage
  • Ability – Seismic Push: Taliyah causes the ground to rise under the enemy with the greatest amount of Mana, dealing 150/325/500 Magic Damage and throwing it toward her (Ranged Champion) or away from her (Melee Champion).
  • 1 Cost


  • Traits: Crystal/Warden
  • Ability – Cosmic Radiance: After a delay, Taric and all nearby allies become invulnerable for a few seconds.
  • 5 Cost


  • Traits: Ocean/Warden
  • Ability – Deep Sea Passage: Thresh throws his lantern to the lowest-health ally, shield them and nearby allies for a few seconds.
  • 2 Cost


  • Traits: Poison/Ranger
  • Ability – Fire and Pray!: Twitch gains Unlimited Range for 8 seconds and + 100/125/150% Attack Damage. During this period, all of his attacks fly the maximum distance and pierce each opponent in their trajectory. Hit effects are also drawn.
  • 4 Cost


  • Traits: Inferno/Ranger
  • Ability – Piercing Arrow: Varus channels his spell for 1.5 seconds, then draws a piercing arrow that deals 225/450/675 magic damage to all enemies in his path.
  • 2 Cost


  • Traits: Light/Ranger
  • Ability – Silver Tiles (Passive): When Vayne hits the same target three times with basic attacks, it inflicts gross damage equivalent to 8/12/16 of the target’s max HP.
  • 1 Cost


  • Traits: Shadow/Mage
  • Ability – Primordial Burst: Veigar blasts an enemy with magical energy, dealing damage. Instantly kills enemies at lower star levels than Veigar.
  • 3 Cost


  • Traits: Ocean/Mage
  • Ability – Drain: Vladmir damages a target enemy, healing himself for the damage dealt.
  • 1 Cost


  • Traits: Electric/Glacial/Berserker
  • Ability: ???
  • 2 Cost


  • Traits: Glacial/Predator
  • Ability – Infinite Duress: Warwick pounces onto the lowest health enemy, stunning, damaging, and applying on-hit effects while healing himself.
  • 1 Cost


  • Traits: Wind/Blademaster
  • Ability: ???
  • 2 Cost


  • Traits: Light/Summoner
  • Ability: ???
  • 4 Cost


  • Traits: Electric/Assassin/Summoner
  • Ability – Living Flash: Zed creates a clone identical to him behind his current target. This clone can also cast Living Flash, and inherits Zed’s items, attributes, and current Life.
  • 5 Cost


  • Traits: Inferno/Summoner
  • Ability: Summon two untargetable Flame Spitters on the corners of the arena. Attacks closest enemies.
  • 1 Cost

Rise of the Elements Origins/Classes List


Ignores unit collision and never stop moving.

Known Champions: Singed


At the start of combat, Assassins jump to the furthest enemy. They receive Critical Strike Chance and additional Critical Strike Damage. (3) +75% Critical Strike Damage and +10% Critical Strike Chance, (6) +150% Critical Strike Damage and +20% Critical Strike Chance.

Champions: Diana, Kha’Zix, LeBlanc, Nocturne, Zed


Inborn skill: Berserkers jump to the nearest enemy. Berserkers have a chance to unravel the units in front of them and deal 100% frontal area damage to them. (3) 40% chance, (6) 80% chance.

Champions: Dr. Mundo, Jax, Renekton, Volibear


Information coming soon…

Champions: Aatrox, Master Yi, Sivir, Yasuo


Information coming soon…

Champions: Ashe, Skarner, Taric


(2) 50% Armor Penetration, (4) 90% Armor penetration.

Champions: Azir, Kha’Zix, Renekton, Sivir


Information coming soon…

Champions: Ivern, Maokai


Electric champions shock nearby enemies when they deal or receive a critical hit, (2) 60 damage (3) 200 damage (4) 500 damage.

Champions: Ornn, Volibear, Zed


(3) At the beginning of the round, a random Forest champion clones themselves.

Champions: Ivern, LeBlanc, Maokai


Information coming soon…

Champions: Braum, Ezreal, Volibear, Warwick


The damage of Inferno unit’s abilities burns the ground beneath the target and inflicts upon them a percentage of the damage of the ability before mitigation as magic damage for 5 seconds. (3) 80% of ability damage (6) 150% (9) 250%.

Champions: Annie, Diana, Kindred, Varus, Zyra


Information coming soon…

Champions: Aatrox, Jax, Nasus, Soraka, Vayne


Machines become insensitive to injuries for a few seconds when their health level drops below 50%. (2) 2 seconds insensitivity, (3) 3 seconds insensitivity, (4) 4 seconds insensitivity.

Champions: Nocturne, Rek’Sai


After casting a spell, Mages have a chance to double cast: (3) 50% chance, (6) 100% chance.

Champions: LeBlanc, Syndra, Taliyah, Veigar, Vladmir


(2) At the start of the combat, one random ally receives a Stone Shield with 1,500 HP.

Champions: Malphite, Taliyah


Information coming soon…

Champions: Janna, Master Yi, Nami, Soraka


All allies gain additional mana every 3 seconds: (2) 10 mana, (4) 25 mana, (6) 40 mana.

Champions: Nami, Nautilus, Syndra, Thresh, Vladmir


(3) Champions add a neurotoxin when dealing damage, increasing the mana needed for the damaged unit by 50%,

Champions: Dr. Mundo, Kog’Maw, Singed, Twitch


At (3) units, any damage a predator deals to an enemy below 25% hp will execute them for an instant kill.

Champions: Kog’Maw, Rek’Sai, Skarner, Warwick


(2/4/6) Has a chance to double Ranger champions attack speed for the next 3 seconds, 30%/65%/100%.

Champions: Ashe, Ezreal, Kindred, Twitch, Varus, Vayne


Information coming soon…

Champions: Kindred, Malzahar, Master Yi, Veigar


Summoned units have More HP + Lasting units.

Champions: Annie, Azir, Malzahar, Zed, Zyra


Determined based on the new mechanics Elemental Hexes.

Four Hexes on the TFT board are turned into one of the four elements, Mountain, Wind, Ocean and Inferno. This is applied only once per game, for example, if four of the hexes turn into Inferno, they will remain as Inferno Hexes until the game is finished and they do not move.

Champions: Qiyana


Warden’s total Armor is increased by: (2) 100%, (4) 250%, (6) 400%.

Champions: Braum, Malphite, Nasus, Nautilus, Ornn, Taric, Thresh


Information coming soon…

Champions: Janna, Yasuo