The Outer Worlds DLC Release Date.

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The Outer Worlds DLC will be announced more than likely at some point in the near future, following the encouraging response of Obsidian’s latest RPG. Consequently, when is the release date for The Outer Worlds DLC? When will Obsidian start exploring more quests and more planets after you complete your adventures with this unique game?

The Outer Worlds DLC release date

The date announced for The Outer Worlds DLC has yet to be established, but there are undoubtedly hints that Obsidian have plans for DLC at some point. There are, nevertheless, some planets in the Halcyon system which you can not reach even after the game is over. This indicates that The Outer Worlds DLC could make these planets accessible.

The Outer Worlds DLC
The Outer Worlds DLC

Although some of the discovered planets are found unfit for human life, others appear to be suitable to carefully explore, even if the game will not allow you to do that. Naturally, these unreachable planets may not refer to the DLC at all and instead provides the perfect transition for a sequel!

Although Obsidian hasn’t stated whether it plans to release The Outer Worlds DLC, if the game’s sales are profitable enough, it will undoubtedly receive extra content provided obsidian follows the same tradition as the Fallout series. With the game also accessible on Game Pass, we can imagine many players will jump into the Outer Worlds throughout the weekend, so hopefully, the impressive number of players will inspire an expansion or two a little farther down the pipeline.

The Outer Worlds DLC Release Date
The Outer Worlds DLC Release Date

This article will be instantly updated the moment we receive the official word of The Outer Worlds DLC and its release date. Stay tuned.


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