The Giant purple Cube known as Kevin could be set for a return new leaks suggest

Kevin the Cube is now almost as famous as Fortnite itself. Throughout Season 5 and 6 the Cube became the biggest talking point as it started to unleash all kinds of everlasting hell across the Fortnite battlefields. First appearing when the massive rift in the sky closed up, not before striking a massive bolt onto the map creating the Cube.

Keving the Cube
Kevin the Cube is Created by large Lightning Bolt – Fortnite | Epic Games

At the end of Season 6 Kevin the Cube came to a traumatic end, or so we justly thought. After moving around the map harnessing all the powers from the runes it had left behind the Cube started to crack. During a live in-game event, the Cube exploded, transporting players into another dimension. The stay there was brief and once we promptly returned the Cube had gone. Seemingly, forever.

Cube Cracking
Cube starting to crack Fortnite Season 6 – Credit: Epic Games

As it turns out, this may not be the case. New files have been found by Fortnite Leaker FortTory indicating new Cube files known as “M_Cube_Reveal” and M_Cube_Reveal_Inst_Blue. The files suggest the Cube will undergo a reveal of some sorts and according to the texture files, will sport a brand new blue texture.

Cube Reveal
Cube Reveal Leaked Data Files – Fortnite | Epic Games

As always with data leaks, there is no explicit guarantee that any of this will come to light. We are certainly hopeful as well we have missed our daily Cube checkup!

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