The Witchwood


‘The evil witch Hagatha has put a vile curse on the forest surrounding the city of Gilneas, twisting the woods into a terrifying place of eerie spectres, bizarre manifestations, and mysterious disappearances.’

Hearthstones highly anticipated expansion is finally here. Coming with no less than 135 new cards. Below you’ll find l2pBomb’s breakdown of the Witchwood expansion. included: New legendary cards, new card mechanics and how we see the meta shifting.

The first new game mechanic we’ll see in the Witchwood expansion is Echo. Cards with the Echo keyword are able to be played over and over again in the same turn until your mana is empty.


New Card Effects

Echo cards included in the Witchwood are:

    • [Cheap Shot]
    • [Ghost Light Angler]
    • [Hunting Mastiff]
    • [Sound the Bells!]
    • [Squashling]
    • [Walnut Sprite]
    • [Warpath]
    • [Curse of Weakness]
    • [Phantom Militia]
    • [Pick Pocket]
  • [Face Collector]

Cards that benefit from Echo cards:

    • [Mistwraith]
  • [Glinda Crowskin]
There will also be 2 legendary cards that cause special effects that trigger at the start of each game. You’ll have to meet certain criteria for the effect to take place, however.
[Baku the Mooneater]
Using only odd cost cards your hero power will be upgraded at the start of the game.
[Genn Greymane]
The opposite of Baku, if your deck consists of cards of only even cost your starting hero power now only cost 1.
The Witchwood curse has spread far and wide, leaving creatures in a persistent rage. Gifting cards with the new ability ‘Rush’. Cards that hold the Rush keyword have the ability to act the same turn. Although unlike Charge you’ll only be able to attack minions on the board.

New Witchwood cards with the Rush attribute are:

    • [Cursed Castaway]
    • [Darius Crowley]
    • [Druid of the Scythe]
    • [Ghostly Charger]
    • [Gilnean Royal Guard]
    • [Hunting Mastiff]
    • [Militia Commander]
    • [Muck Hunter]
    • [Rabid Worgen]
    • [Ratcatcher]
    • [Redband Wasp]
    • [Scaleworm]
    • [Swift Messenger]
    • [Vicious Scalehide]
  • [Vilebrood Skitterer]

Cards that benefit from the Rush ability:

    • [Town Crier]
    • [Woodcutter’s Axe]
    • [Countess Ashmore]
  • [Houndmaster Shaw]
There will be 23 legendary cards added with the Witchwood Expansion. Some appear to be extremely powerful like [Lord Godfrey].

All legendary cards in the Witchwood expansion:

    • [Archmage Arugal]
    • [Azalina Soulthief]
    • [Baku the Mooneater]
    • [Blackhowl Gunspire]
    • [Chameleos]
    • [Countess Ashmore]
    • [Darius Crowley]
    • [Dollmaster Dorian]
    • [Duskfallen Aviana]
    • [Emeriss]
    • [Face Collector]
    • [Genn Greymane]
    • [Glinda Crowskin]
    • [Hagatha the Witch]
    • [Houndmaster Shaw]
    • [Lady in White]
    • [Lord Godfrey]
    • [Prince Liam]
    • [Shudderwock]
    • [Splintergraft]
    • [Tess Greymane]
    • [The Glass Knight]
  • [Toki, Time-Tinker]

The Monster Hunt Begins Soon

In The Witchwood’s challenging single-player mode, Monster Hunt, Gilneas’ veteran monster hunters are called to cleanse the forest of its darkness. Similar to the Dungeon Run from Kobolds & Catacombs, players will defeat bosses and collect their bounties to build a deck that will keep them alive as they stalk their quarry deeper and deeper into The Witchwood. The stakes are high—if your Hunter should fall, then you will need to begin the hunt again with a new deck!
The Monster Hunt begins April 26 (19:00 CEST)!
If you manage to survive a full Monster Hunt with each of the four Hunters and defeat Hagatha, you’ll add the “Monster Hunt” card back to your collection.

As you can see by the new card effects added this expansion, The Witchwood is shaping the meta to be fast-paced and fearless. We expect the introduction to new cards will at first benefit aggro decks. Due to the echo and rush mechanics aggro will have answers to a heavy board that currently was not there.