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Third Installment of League Of Legends Comic Ashe: Warmother Now Online

LoL and Marvel has released the next instalment of the silver-haired archer, Ashe

Ashe: Warmother is Riot Games first collection of comics books that helps brings the character Ashe to life. The four-part series has just released its third installment and is now available to read online. Continuing the tales of the League of Legends character, Ashe.

Ashe: Warmother Issue #3

Ashe is the first of many characters to be part of Riot Games comics. Utilizing the form a of medium to detail and expand on the current lore of its characters.

The comics give its fan-base more in-depth details on League of Legends Characters backstory, exploring Runeterra like never before. Runeterra is the fictional world of League Of Legend where each LoL character resides in. Ashe Warmother focuses on Ashe who lives in the icy plains of Freljord.

Marvel Ashe:Warmother Issue 3 Riot Games League Of Legends
Ashe:Warmother #3 – Riot Games | & Marvel Comics

The third issue will see the silver-haired archer come face to face with her pursers where she is force to fight. Equipped with the bow of True Ice, will Ashe make it out alive!

Read the third instalment here…


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