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Three will become two as Apex Legends Introduces First-Ever Limited-Time Duo Mode

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Apex Legends is set to kick off the new Duo mode next week on 5th November

Apex Legends has been typically involved with players falling into the battle royale in squads of three since its debuted back in February. It’s experimented in the past of Solo queues on a few instances, but for the first time, a new limited-time experience will be debuting a Duos game mode, beginning next week on November 5th.

News of the new limited-time Duo mode was announced on Twitter featuring a small promo trailer of the game mode.

This is set to overlap the already existing Solo limited-time event Fight or Fright that celebrates the Halloween festivities. The Solo game mode, Fight or Fright lasts until 15th November.

In the midst of troubling moments for some other major companies, Apex Legends has proven to be a great success to EA. It has currently passed 70 million players with further expansion planned for 2020. Setting their goals on China and porting the game to mobile platforms.


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