Time to venture the world of reality and Pokémon and duel your friends in a Trainer Battle in Pokemon Go!

It is time to battle as Niantic pushes an update to Pokemon Go that allows players to participate in Trainer Battles. However, some Pokemon Go players are ineligible. For those who are eligible, it is time to go and explore, except this time it’s not Pokemon you are seeking, it’s your friends. Pokemon Go Trainer Battles are now LIVE!

Time To Battle Pokemon Go Trainer Battles Are Now Live Battle
Trainer Battle – Pokemon Go – Niantic

To be eligible to duel your friends, your player level in Pokemon Go must be 10 or higher to be able to Trainer Battles. Fortunately, you can level pretty fast during low levels, so you will be able to reach level 10 fairly quickly.

Niantic introduced Trainer Battle to help encourage in-person social interactions to give players their own creative style, making the game feeling unique to the individual.

Trainer Battles feature will be in its infant stage so we would naturally expect a lot of focus and updates, fine-tuning and making it fun and an enjoyable experience for everyone.

“We can’t wait to see the stories from local groups, meet Ace Trainers and Veterans, and see how the feature grows within the community. After all, the ideal meta gameplay will be discovered by the players, not by us. We’ll be keeping an eye on the game balance as well!”

The Pokémon Team

What are you waiting for? It’s time to BATTLE!