Path of Exile 3.9 Metamorph Guides

Looking for the perfect PoE 3.8 Build that can dominate the new league? We’ve got you covered, with our pick of five powerful builds. Blight’s new tower defense mechanic has produced chaos onto each map, high damage and fast clear speed are essential to completing Blight encounters. Further on you’ll find the best Path of Exile Blight Builds 3.8 that’ll ensure you will reap the new league’s rewards!

Not all builds found below are budget-friendly, if you’re looking for a league starter, check out our Best Path of Exile Blight Starter Builds guide.

Top PoE Blight Builds 3.8

[3.8] The Warchief | [Facebreaker] Ancestral Warchief [Marauder]

Totems have been on a journey in Path of Exile, falling in and out of favor over the years. Currently, they remain in an extremely strong place with many support skills to boost damage and reliability. Pair the consistency of Totems with Facebreakers, and you now have a fierce mix of raw damage and protection. This variation of Ancestral Warchief excelled in the Legion league and will no doubt perform a fantastic job versus Blight encounters.

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[3.8 Video Guide] Essence Drain & Contagion Trickster [Shadow]

Essence Drain and Contagion builds are many exiles “go-to” League starters thanks to the guaranteed fast clear speed. Having the ability to wipe out monsters in an instance allows this deadly combo to tackle league content with ease. Although there are many build guides for ED & Contagion, my personal favorite is Ghazzy’s. While the build itself can function on a budget, it works best once you’ve invested an adequate amount of currency.

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[3.8]g00fy_goober’s Ultimate EleBuzzsaw Raider [Ranger]

g00fy’s famous Spectral Throw build has been used by countless exiles with phenomenal success. Since PoE 3.6 the build has barely been affected by any patch changes, because of this, the build has remained a powerhouse. If you are looking for a remarkably fast pace build that eases through all content, this is the build for you. Keep in mind, elemental reflect maps are not possible to run with this build.

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[3.8] Crit Orb of Storms Assassin [Shadow]

Currently, the most used skill in PoE Blight according to, Orb of Storms is perfect for Blight encounters. Qlidascopes particular take on the 3.8 Blight build leans more on the edge of an auto bomber! Mixing high critical chance and Herald of Ice for impressive explosions, made even more beautiful with the use of MTX. It can be tricky to get the build working effectively, however, with responsible investment, it’s definitely worth it.

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[3.8] Flame Golem 101 – Complete Guide To Golemancy [Witch]

An expensive build due to the required Jewels to activate your Golems, but if you have the currency, this is hands down one of the best builds to play. I personally played the Ice golem variant in Legion and had a fantastic time. Flame Golem skill gem can reach up to level 28 in this build making for great clear speed. With an additional three Specters, bossing is also exceptional.

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I hope this Best Path of Exile Blight Builds guide helps you find something you would like to try out, if so please share with your friends. If you have any questions, leave a message below.