Evolve your Torchic into its final evolution form Blaziken and teach your Pokémon a brand-new fire TM move Blast Kick

Pokémon Go May Community Day returns and will feature the 3rd Gen Fire-type Pokémon Torchic along with the usual event bonuses. Keep an eye out for Shiny Torchic, Shiny versions of the featured Pokémon are usually seen in the wild during Community Day as well as exclusive moves.

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Pokémon Go May Community Day Date and Times

May Community Day 2019 in Pokémon Go will begin at 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. during your local time on 19th May 2019. You will have a few days to try and collect and save your PokéBalls ready for the event and grab yourself a Shiny Torchic

Shiny Torchic

Torchic starts out only just being a Fire-type Pokémon but if you manage to collect enough Pokémon candy, you will be able to evolve Torchic into Combusken that take on a dual-type form of Fire and Fighting-type. From Combusken you will be able to evolve the Pokémon further into Blazikin.

During May Community Day, evolving Torchic into Combusken and then into Blaziken will provide a special bonus. Blaziken will learn the exclusive move Blast Burn.

Remember you will need to evolve a Shiny Torchic if you would like Shiny versions of Torchic evolutions.

Torchic Evolutions And Candy Costs

Pokémon Go May Community Day is the best opportunity to collect Torchic, Combusken and Blazkien as the featured Pokémon, Torchich will appear more frequently in the wild. Allowing you to capture the Fire-type Pokémon over and over again and collect the important Pokémon Candies. See below of Torchic Evolution’s.

Evolving Torchic requires 25 Candies. However, you will need a further 100 additional Pokémon Candies to evolve Combusken into Blaziken.

May Community Day Bonus Features

In the 3-hour allotted window, trainers will receive 3x time capture XP bonus. Lure Capsules duration is increased to 3 hours

Trainers will also be able to use their TM’s to teach Blaziken a new powerful Fire-type move Blaze Kick.