LoL PBE server has received several updates to Teamfight Tactics game mode which will end up in the live version in League of Legends next patch v9.14. The PBE server is a testing ground for new updates and features as Riot Games can explore new possibilities, expanding and tweaking their game. It is more likely the new features will undergo some final tweaking before heading into the live client.

Some of the changes to TFT include the introduction of TFT newest champion Twisted Fate, new monsters, a new damage tracker and more.

TFT Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate TFT Pirate Lol
Cutpurse Twisted Fate

Teamfight Tactics has received its first new champion, Twisted Fate. A card master that can choose one of three special cards to stun, gain mana or deal AOE damage. Playing Twisted in LoL normal game mode, the user can choose which card they would like to use based on the situation they are in.

However, TFT is all automated and your assembled champions will automatically fight for you so in TFT twisted Fate works a little differently. When placing Twisted Fate on the TFT board and has full mana, he will begin rotating through the cards, Red, blue and Gold. At random a card is selected and is used on Twisted Fate next attack.

Card Effects:

Twisted Fate Skill Information Teamfight Tactics LoL
Twisted Fate Skill Information – Teamfight Tactics | LoL

Each effect gets stronger with each champion level.

  • Blue Card – The Mana Card. It will deal damage whilst filling up yours and nearby allies mana bar. Helping you and your team to fill their mana bar quickly. Mana restore (20/35/50)
  • Red Card – The AOE Card. It will deal AOE damage to a champion plus dealing damage to any champion that is adjacent to the champion. Damage (200/300/400)
  • Gold Card – The Stun Card. It will deal damage and stun a champion for a few seconds, leaving them unable to attack or move. Stun duration (2/3/4 seconds)

Twisted Fate Origin and Class

Each champion in TFT belongs to a faction called Origins and a Class. Providing the champion with unique traits and abilities. Twisted Fate Origin is a Pirate that provides a chance to gain additional gold if you have 3 or more Pirate Origin Champions on the board at the same time.

Twisted Fate will equally belong to the Sorcerer Class which will provide all Sorcerer to gain double mana from attacks and buff your allies and increase their spell damage. You will need 3 or more to make each Sorcerer class Champions have an additional 35% increased spell damage. If you are lucky enough to have 6 Sorcerer on the board at one time, the damage is increased by 100%.

Twisted Fate Costs

In TFT, Twisted Fate will cost 2 gold in order to add him to your team.

TFT Damage Tracker

Currently, the live version of TFT, there is no way to track any of your assembled team damage. You can only roughly gauge which champion performed well based on the outcome of the round. Making it harder to know whether the champion works well in its current position on the TFT board or whether the champion works well with your current team setup.

However, LoL PBE has introduced a Damage Tracker to help identify your stronger or weak champions. From this, you will be able to make the decision to change tactics and strategy. Swapping out the weak champions or moving your champions in a better position to reach their full potential.

TFT Gromp and Items

Another change, is Riot Games have added new monsters to the starting rounds. The first three rounds are normally filled with melee and range minions but now you will be able to fight against a couple of Gromps.

This change will help all players to receive items and making the starting round fill less repetitive.

One of the areas Riot Games are tweaking is the items RNG and the drop rate of items.

Getting absolutely nothing goes against the spirit of the game, especially when the item system is really fun to interact with. Getting nothing robs you of the ability to engage with a really fun system and make cool strategic choices (and finding some nutty broken combos). 
So, we’re making some changes. We’re still ironing out the exact details, but there’ll be more guaranteed drops. We’re also experimenting with dropping other things besides items, such as gold, XP, or even champs. You can expect to see these changes in 9.14. Once they are in, let us know how it feels. 

Riot MapleNectar

TFT Extras

TFT have also began adding ways to identify which minion will drop items. You will notice the minion will have either a list of three items above their heads which indicate it will randomly drop one of the items or a “?” box where it will drop a random item.

This helps you to rearrange your board to make sure your champion focuses on the minion that has the items.

Furthermore, sometime minions will now drop full items, like a Deathcap or archangels staffs, providing a huge boost to your team.

In some cases, you will notice certain minions will have an item effect such as a Guardian Angel. Making each neutral minion round more unique, exciting and less repetitious.