Hearthstone – Major Balance Changes

In the upcoming update for Hearthstone, we’ll see many cards changed, due to their dominant impact since they were introduced to the game. Below is l2pBomb’s comprehensive list of all cards nerfed.

Naga Sea Witch

[Naga Sea Witch] card cost will go up drastically from costing 5 to 8. Blizzard has recognized the issue this card has produced in its current state. Being able to lower the cost of other big cards to 0 at turn 5 is powerful. Having the midgame forced into an endgame board that early had to be fixed. Now [Naga Sea Witch] can do what the card was introduced for only now at a more appropriate curve.

Spiteful Summoner

The changes to [Spiteful Summoner] have come about due to the ease of drawing powerful minions. Going from 6 to 7 cost Blizzard feel this change is necessary. Making the powerful interactions of the card more in line with its cost.

Dark Pact

Slicing the healing produced in half (8 health – 4 health). [Dark Pact] Proved problematic for users playing against Warlocks. [Dark Pact] has become widely used as a mechanism to outweigh any of the effects from cards like [Kobold Librarian]. Replacing the health gained from 8 to 4 Blizzard hopes that Warlocks will once again have the correct tradeoffs when lifetap is used.

Possessed Lackey

[Possessed Lackey] will now cost 6 up from 5. Being used in too many early and mid game combos. Blizzard seeks to drop the powerful combos [Possessed Lackey] creates to a later spot in the game.

Call to Arms

Moving the cost of [Call to Arms] to 5 instead of 4 changes the ability to use this card. At present [Call to Arms] is most used in Even Paladin, Murloc Paladin or Odd Paladin decks. But with this change, Even Paladin will no longer be able to use the card and Odd Paladin will see little benefits as they’ll only be able to draw 1 cost minions.
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