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Upcoming Odyssey Events: Introducing New Odyssey Skins And New Game Mode

Find Out When the Event Is Scheduled So You Dont Miss Out On The New Cosmetics

Odyssey event is coming your way and will be available in the upcoming patch 8.18 with all new skins and a new PvE game mode. The patch is due for release on September 12th 2018. Check out the awesome new Odyssey Animated trailer below.

Like all past events, there will be event-related missions that come with a whole lot of goodies and the Odyssey event is no different. You can get your hand on new emotes, ward skins, icons and new event mission rewards.

Kayn fans will happy to hear Kayn will receive his first skin which will be a legendary skin. Other champions that will don the new Odyssey skins are Jinx, Malphite, Sona, Yasuo, and Ziggs.

A new game mode ‘Odyssey Extraction’ will also be available in this patch and it will be like last years ‘Star Guardian Invasion’ game mode. It will be a 5 player PvE game mode. You will see Kayn as the main villain, trying to thwart you with your attempts at rescuing Ziggs. So if you liked last years Star Guardian event get ready to join and save poor helpless Ziggs.

Check back here when patch 8.18 is released for the latest details on the Odyssey event and all changes that have been made.


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Jinx looks mental. like literally..


Am I the only one to think Malphite looks like alistar?

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