Millions tuned in to watch the Semi-Finals match between G2 Esports and Invictus Gaming to set a new record.

Every year League Of Legends hosts the World’s tournament to find out which team becomes the best of the best to be crowned World Champion. To watch the world’s tournament, you must use a streaming platform such as YouTube or Twitch which in is own right, has millions of users using the platform. Millions tune in to either of their preferred platforms to watch the League Of Legends World tournament which has seen significate growth over the past few years with viewership record broken again.

Streaming is becoming the modern standard to watch tv, films or videos. Thanks to current technology you can watch on multiple ranges of devices such as mobile, tablet, PC or laptops or any device that has a screen and supports displaying videos. What makes this so popular is that you can take any of the smaller devices with you everywhere you go providing entertainment as long as you see fit.

At the 2017 World Championship around 106.21 million peak viewers tuned in to watch the semi-final stage of the tournament that saw the viewership record broken. Peak viewers represent the highest amount of viewers who were watching at one time.

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Esports Tournament Setting New Heights

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Esports tournament at the Play-Ins has already shown significant growth compared to the previous tournament, showing signs of how popular League Of Legends still is. During the group stages, the number of viewers almost doubled compared with last year setting a new record for the whole Esports industry as they break again the viewership record.

The Worlds 2018 Semi-Final matches were held over the weekend that saw Invictus Gaming and Fnatic reaching the grand final that will be played this weekend.

Semi-Final G2  Esports(G2) vs Invictus Gaming(IG)

Watch highlights of the semi-final match between G2 vs IG

Semi-Final Fnatic(FNC) vs Cloud(C9)

Watch highlights of the semi-final match between FNC vs C9

Comparing to last year semi-final, League Of Legends viewership record broken again within a matter of days with 149.06 million peak viewers.

LoL Worlds 2018 Final

Can the final showdown between Invictus Gaming and Fnatic break the record again?

The Worlds 2018 finals is being hosted in Incheon, South Korea with the ‘Finals Opening Ceremony presented by Mastercard’. The Opening Ceremony will include a performance of the hit Worlds 2018 anthem ‘RISE’.

WHERE TO WATCH LOL WORLDS 2018 Grand Final Match

The final will commence at 12:30 AM PT on the 3rd November