Explore the Snowy Mountains and Frozen Lakes on The Snowy Winter-Themed Map of Vikendi that Is available on PC

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds or better known as PUBG have released their fourth map, the Battlegrounds of Vikendi just in time for Christmas. Players will now be able to explore the snowy region filled with European-style cities, Dino Park, Mazes, snowy forests and even discover new weapons.

Check out PUBG newest map Vikendi below from PlayerUknown Battlegrounds official YouTube Channel

The new G36C Rifle is exclusive to Vikendi map and can be found around the Battlegrounds. The assault rifle uses 5.56 mm bullets to pierce through armor and skin. But be careful when exploring Vikendi because due to the snow, you will leave footprints or tyre tracks from any vehicles you drive.


Filled with stunning landscapes and cities covered in snow take a look at some of the locations of Vikendi

With the release of the new map, players are able to get the new Survivor Pass: Vikendi gives players a chance to earn exclusive skins and rewards by completing missions. Check out the full overview of the Survivor Pass below

What do you think of the new winter-themed map of Vikendi?