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Visor Opens Up Over Recent Blizzard’s Third-party Application Ban

CEO of Visor addresses Blizzard's statement

Visor, the company behind one of Overwatch‘s most popular in-game analytics program have reached out to the community today to clarify their app intentions.

Visor third-party application banned from Overwatch

As you may have learned, Blizzard recently reiterated their stance on the use of third-party applications, openly naming visor and Pursuit. Blizzard has declared that the use of these applications can and will cause account bans. You can read more about this here.

Reaching out to the community Visor took to their website to indicate their goals.

CEO explains exactly how Visor works and who they are as a company.

“For those of you who aren’t familiar yet, Visor is a game analytics engine built by a team of passionate gamers. We have been building products for the Overwatch community full-time for over a year now, and our mission has always been to reinvent and improve how gamers play. “

Blizzard had issued warnings over the use of third-party applications and went over the many features that are not welcomed by Blizzard. These cover – “enemy position, enemy health, enemy ability usage, or ultimate readiness”. Ivan Zhou broke each element of their Overwatch application down to clear up common misconceptions over Visor.

  • Enemy Position
  • Enemy Health
  • Enemy Ability Usage

After clearing up the above misconceptions, Visor addressed the most crucial one. Ultimate Readiness.

There’re two fundamental issues the community has with Visor which are the way the application gives feedback during the game and how the application tracks enemy ultimate. The latter generating the biggest controversy. However, Visor‘s CEO was swift to explain exactly how the application works with ultimate tracking and to proclaim that no ‘real’ enemy stats are displayed to the Visor users.

Visor apologizes for the misconception caused by the wording inside the application when an enemy ultimate is ready, claiming the wording implied a precise time. However, Visor uses an algorithm to determine each heroes average charge time for their ultimate. Once the application detects a hero has used their ultimate, a timer will start based on that average.

Feedback from the Community and continuing to grow.

Visor has reached out to Blizzard to come to a definitive resolution and will change the application to comply with Blizzard’s terms if need be. In the meantime, Visor has changed the way you can use the service. Working through OBS you’ll no longer need the application installed to use Visor. You‘ll, however, only have access to match data and analytics once your game has finished. It’s unclear whether this new way complies with Blizzard’s high standards as aside from no longer needing an application this is now even more similar to Pursuit. Which is also on the banned list.

Taking to Reddit, Zhou created an easy guide for installing Visor the new way with OBS, Although we don’t recommend using Visor until Blizzard has given the all clear. You can find the guide here – Reddit


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