Five options, only one winner! Dr Mundo, Fiddlesticks, Nocturne, Shyvana and Volibear shortlisted for a major update.

Similar to Little Demon Tristana, League of Legends are leaving it down to the players to vote on Riot Games next plan of action. However, instead of voting for a favourite concept of skin design for Tristana, players can decide which one of the five champions will receive a complete rework.

The five champions shortlisted are Dr Mundo, Fiddlesticks, Shyvana, Nocturne and Volibear and will have until 11:59 p.m. PT on 15th May to cast your vote. Use the link below to choose your vote.

Vote Now

The link will redirect you to the official page. At the bottom of the page click on the vote button to choose your champion. It will ask you to sign into your League of Legends accounts for you to be able to submit your vote. There is only one vote permitted per account so make your vote count.

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The champion that wins the vote will receive new gameplay, skills, visuals, animations, voice acting and more. Completely redesigned from the ground up with the new champion rework expected to arrive in 2020.

Choose Your Champion Rework Update League of Legends
Choose Your Champion Rework Update – LoL

Riot Games has outlined a rough idea on what changes they would like to make to each of the five champions.

Fiddlesticks and Nocturne rework will see the champion keep their ultimate skill but tweak their other abilities, focusing on updating visuals and animations to make the living nightmare and terrifying scarecrow more frightening than ever.

With Dr Mundo, they would like to keep his tanking and healing abilities whilst dishing out damage with his cleavers but completely change his W and E skills. This is the area they feel Dr Mundo lacks satisfaction or decision making and are looking to change that with his rework.

Shyvana rework will be focusing on bringing the dragon to life. Making the transformation into her dragon more distinguishable than her human side. In addition, they will look to update Shyvana dragon form abilities giving her better destructive fire-breathing skill set.

Lastly, Volibear will see him have a completely new style and mechanics as his kit is not effective enough, leaving him one of the least played champions in this list. Riot Games would like to give Volibear a unique gameplay identity and make him feel like an unstoppable force with his rework.