Take a look at LoL champion Caitlyn, wearing her prestigious Arcade outfit

Riot Games has unveiled their next champions to receive the exclusive Prestige Edition Skin, delivering on their promises of releasing thee extremely rare skin throughout the year. Our favourite sharpshooter, Caitlyn will be receiving her very own white and gold Prestige Edition Skin, Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition.

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LoL Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition Skin

Coming to League of Legends update v9.13 is Caitlyn new skins. The AD Carry will be receiving a normal Arcade skin and an exclusive Prestige Arcade skin, alongside Battle Boss Yasuo and Arcade Kai’Sa skins, and of course new champion Qiyana: Empress of the Elements.

Caitlyn will swap out the pink and blue colors of her Arcade skin and replace them with the colors associated with Prestige Edition skins, White and Gold.

The ultra-rare skin can normally be unlocked by exchanging event tokens, or Riot Games new introductory of Prestige Points system, which was added at the beginning of LoL Season 9. Prestige Points was introduced as a means of a way to unlock Prestige Edition skins throughout the year without them being limited to an event.

Each Prestige Edition skin can be unlocked by exchanging Prestige Points that will require 100 Prestige Points. As the MSI event is coming to a close and at present, offers a limited event Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition skin, our best guess is the Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition skin would require 100 Prestige Points to unlock.

Update: LoL PBE has been updated and has included new Arcade 2019 assets consisting of Icons and Borders, Chromas, Prestige Points. Plus, Arcade assets that are typically associated with an event such as the Arcade 2019 Orbs, Arcade 2019 Tokens and Arcade Jackpot.

Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition Skin will be unlocked by exchanging 2000 Arcade Tokens during the Arcade Event.

Find out the list of rewards, loots, Arcade Pass and more information on the Arcade event from the link below.

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