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When Is Fortnite Season 6 And What To Expect From This Season’s Battle Pass?

With season 5 ending in 4 days, let's have a peek at everything we know about Fortnite season 6.

Loot lake mixed with the cube Fortnite

The question that’s on everyone lips now that season 5 is ending, when is Fortnite Season 6 starting? Whilst there is no definite date set we can reliably estimate, courtesy of all the information already released. In season 6, we can predict a new Battle Pass which involves new skins, emotes, gliders, axes and more. l2pbomb have accumulated all the information, rumors and fan theories so far, let‘s get started.



Fortnite Season 6 known Information.

Check out the first 2 official teasers by Epic Games

Fortnite season 6 – Teaser 1

Fortnite season 6 – Teaser 2

Nothing’s set in stone just yet, but with all the teasers Epic Games released along with data miners gathering leaked information through patches,  we can establish strong speculations.

Season 5 has been a rollercoaster ride, with cryptic messages, runes and a giant purple cube roaming around causing chaos. But now that ‘Kevin’ AKA the cube has ingrained itself into Loot Lake, many fans still maintain the cube will generate an eruption and turn Loot Lake into a volcano soaked in lava.

It’s uncertain whether the cube has a role to play in Fortnite season 6, but our best conclusion is that a giant bouncy lake is not the end goal Epic Games have in mind. With the cube releasing 8 runes across the map, are these signals of the areas that will perish as we start season 6?

Each season Epic Games blend new themes into the game. The themes dictate what’s installed for us. This season, with Fortnite’s space-time continuum being ripped opened, inspired game modes like heist and influenced the map with rift portals all over

Fortnite Patch v5.30: New item Rift-To-Go added and New LTM Score Royale

Leading into season 6, the popular assumption of Fortnite’s next theme is one that‘s focused around ‘Fire and Ice’. Fire from the rumored volcano and ice due to the newly leaked Valkyrie skin and glider

Fortnite Season 6 start date

In-game you can look at how many days are left in season 5 (4 days), which will produce the end date of Monday the 24th of September. Epic Games typically release patches every Tuesday so the educated guess for Fortnite season 6 start date would be the September 25th.

There have been reports that Season 5 will be lengthened somewhat, supposedly to allow more time to complete all season 5 battle Pass rewards. However, this seems unlikely.

What Will season 6 Battle Pass include?

Battle Pass has grown into the cornerstone for Epic Games. Creating excitement, showing creativity and setting the tone for the season ahead. For that reason, we can expect to receive a new Battle Pass coming into Season 6.

When Is Fortnite Season 6 And What To Expect From This Season’s Battle Pass?

Just like previous Seasons, we foresee the Battle Pass to once again level to 100 and we can assume new skins, emotes and various cosmetics. Epic Games also prefers to throw in something new each season, Season 4 we had sprays and Season 5 we got toys. So expect more goods to follow in season 6.

With @FNLeak leaking game files on Twitter, which includes Pets and weapon skins, there’s a great chance we will get something along those lines included with Season 6 Battle Pass.

Will anything change?

The cost of the Battle Pass for season 5 was 950 V-Bucks. Fortnite‘s current payment options mean this Battle Pass can be snatched for $9.99. As the next payment option is a lot greater than that, it’s unlikely that the Battle Pass price will change for season 6. The Fortnite’s map, however, will almost surely be reconstructed just like previous seasons. Introducing new weapons, loot spots and more.

Leaked Fortnite Season 6 Item Balloons

Reliable Fortnite Leaker @TwoEpicBuddies posted the new item Balloons, you’ll be able to manipulate the balloons to stop your fall or even float around the map. Expect to see this at the beginning of season 6!

Will there be new season 6 events?

You can bet on it, with Halloween creeping up rapidly as well as the leaked Nite Nite and Peekaboo Skins you can be certain to see new game modes introduced throughout season 6.

What are you most excited about Fortnite season 6? Drop a comment below or follow our social media to stay up to date with season 6 as things develop.


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