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While the PC open beta of Legends of Runeterra has arrived, there’s still one question yet to be answered, when will the game be available on mobile. Riot Games auto-battler, TFT, has already seen a pre-register link present in the Google Play Store, LoR has yet to receive anything of the kind.

That’s presumably because Legends of Runeterra still has some time to go before it comes to mobile, Although this may confuse some fans due to Riot Games giving LoR its own client, it does make sense. This year Riot Games are set to smash the mobile scene with the releases of Wild Rift and Teamfight Tactics. Both of which naturally have priority over the newer Runeterra game.

Legends Of Runeterra Mobile Date
Legends Of Runeterra Mobile Date

The mid-January announcement claimed that the mobile release and official launch of the game would occur “later in 2020,” with no predicted date given. Considering LoR has only just been released into open beta on PC, we can speculate the game will be released in the later stages of this year. Whether the mobile version will be released at the same time as Legends of Runeterra leaves open beta is still unfortunately unknown.

For now, at least, players can dive into the action on PC by heading to and downloading the LoR Client. If you’re looking for a helping hand, why not have a read through our five valuable tips for Legends of Runeterra guide to get you started.