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Winter Rift will NOT be happening this year in LoL

It's beginning to feel a lot less Christmas...

Riot Games has shared some unbelievably sad news. Christmas is cancelled! There will be no snow or Christmas cheer in Summoner’s Rift this winter.

Every year, preparing for the winter holidays, Riot Games makes the traditional transition of swapping out the grass plains of Summoners Rift with the cold and wintery grounds covered in snow. Adding Christmas lights and decorations to celebrate the Christmas festivities. But this year, users will be sad to hear, Winter Rift will not be happening this year due to LoL Season 10 Map changes and bugs.

League of Legends is in the process of merging their 10th season Preseason changes to the live client. Thus far, they have introduced new Summoner’s Rift map changes, new Elementals and Buffs, Items and much more. Understandably, it is not without its fair share of bugs.

Season 10 will focus their attention on the new Elementals Rifts, upgraded versions of LoL season 9 drakes. However, slaying the new Elemental Rifts will provide new buffs to the slayer and teammates. Once the newly slain Elemental Dragon disappears its spirit flow through the grounds making several map changes.

Newly created paths, pockets of winds and new bushes are visible throughout the rift. Sometimes paths are blocked in the jungle with giant boulders, this is all determined on the elemental type of the dragon slain.

In addition, the Elder Dragon will also provide players with new buffs, gifting the team who successfully slain the dragon with a new execution power. Players who possess the Elder buff can automatically execute any champion they have recently targeted if their lives are under a certain threshold.

Due to dynamic changes to the Summoners Rift map and their full attention on squashing bugs like the new Elder Dragon buff bug, Riot Games do not have the time to make the necessary changes to Summoners Rift’s Winter map to match the new Summoners Rift changes.


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