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Worlds 2018 Event Has Arrived – Grab Your World Pass To Unlock Bonus Rewards

Find Out How To Get The Prestige Edition Skin And Other Event Rewards

League Of Legends is now on patch 8.19 and is the very patch that the Worlds 2018 will be played on. Building up towards the tournament which is in a few days’ time, Riot has released the world event in League Of Legends. This can only mean new missions and a ton of rewards are now available during the event.

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During the World’s event, you are able to earn Worlds tokens by completing missions which then can be exchanged for rewards within the event shop. You can even earn in-game loot by watching matches of the Worlds on watch.lolesports.com.

Don’t forget you are able to purchase a World Pass from the store to get daily rewards and bonuses. (More information below)

The main reward you are able to receive during the event is the Popstar Kai’Sa Prestige Edition Skin. This is a special skin that comes with a border, splash and a unique VFX for Kai’Sa. Check out how to unlock the skin below.

Let’s look at the rewards you can earn from completing missions or by exchanging tokens within the event shop.

Worlds Event Shop

The event shop is located by the Loot button at the top of your client next to your Blue Essences. (picture of a Hextech Chest)

You will see a material section appear as soon as you click the Loot button in which you should see the world token material. Click on the token will display the World’s event shop and all the rewards you can receive by exchanging even tokens.

Here is a list all the loot in the event shop along with how many tokens you need to exchange for them.

You can see the Worlds Emote and Worlds Ward Skin in action from the video below.

One event loot I have separated from the gallery is the event orb which has a chance of winning Skin Shard, Skin Shard + OE Upgrade Equivalent, Gem Stone or Gemstone Skin.

Worlds 2018 Event Orb
Worlds 2018 Event Worlds Orb Loot

Mission Rewards

The rewards listed below are can be obtained when you have successfully completed a Worlds Event mission

Popstar Kai’Sa Prestige Edition

Riot will be releasing Popstar Kai’Sa in the store sometime during the event which was leaked a few days ago.

League Of Legends Postar Kai'Sa Skin

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However, Riot will release a special edition skin Kai’Sa Popstar Prestige Edition which can be exchanged with World Tokens. You will need to exchange a whopping 2500 World Tokens to receive the skin.

League Of Legends Postar KaiSa Prestige Edition Skin

There is no time frame yet for when we will see this skin available in the event store.

There are two ways to help you get the Kai’Sa Popstar Prestige skin. Purchase bundles that contain World Tokens from the Riot store (real money) Or purchase a World Pass and grind for world tokens. The Latter is most like be the preferable way.

World Pass

The world pass can be purchased from the store for 1650 RP (Riot Points – real money). On Initial purchase, you will receive a World Pass Icon, 4 Worlds Orb and 200 World Tokens. Thereafter every first win of the day and every match made games you can earn additional tokens. The amount of World Token you will receive after match made game depends on your team‘s match grade and whether you win or lose the game. If you win and a team member receives a high grade (S being the highest) you can earn 14 tokens. if you lose but someone on your team receives an S grade, you will get 8 tokens.

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 World Pass

This is probably your best bet of achieving the 2500 tokens for the skin.

Happy Grinding and enjoy watching the Worlds.


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