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Wraith Guide – Pro Tips, Abilities & Skins [Apex Legends]

Dominate the battle field with our Apex Legends Wraith guide.

Apex Legends growth has continued to skyrocket ever since its release back in February. The game’s player count has reached over 50 million. Our Wraith guide will help you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re seeking a stealthy approach to combat, then Wraith might be the Legend for you. Harnessing Wraith’s potential can transform this sneaky character into an absolute monster. Between vanishing from sight to spawning portals, mastering Wraith is thoroughly worth your investment.

Although Wraith is a ton of fun to play, she does have a high skill cap. Good awareness, map knowledge, and strong team play fundamentals are recommended before attempting to make an impact with this Legend. Below you will find our valuable Wraith guide that will cover playstyle, Counters, abilities and strategy tips.

Wraith’s Play Style Summary

Wraith represents an offensive flanker that likes to close the gap on her prey and assassinate them without notice. She is designed to be one of the team’s primary source of damage. While Wraith is more than capable of picking up many solo kills, she is no slouch when it comes to team play. Callouts with her passive ability can help track potential fights and her portals can be invaluable to her entire team.

Performing your role in the team as Wraith is important, the team will rely on you to scout ahead, tricking the enemy and setting up ambushes. However, they will also expect your support with exit strategies and helping downed allies escape.

STAY MOVING. Wraith is one of the most active Legends in the game. You should always be looking for enemy teams and exploiting them. Maintaining a watchful eye on your passive visual cues and setting up plays.

Wraith Ability Tips

Voices from the Void

A voice warns you when you are in danger. The noise from Wraith’s passive is subtle and sometimes inaudible, however, a good headset can remedy this. If you don’t have access to a headset, you can turn on in-game subtitles.

Into the Void


The Ability has a 20-second cooldown, Activating the ability will make you completely invulnerable to damage. You’ll go invisible once Into the Void has been activated and she’ll move more rapidly too, however, you won’t be completely concealed as the skill leaves a subtle trail behind you. While the ability is active Wraith will be unable to interact with anything, attack or see any enemies.

Skill Usage:

Into the Void is great for getting out of situations where you may have overextended, which if you play aggressively, will happen frequently. Utilize the ability to reposition and reset the fight to your advantage or to get behind the enemy and surprise them.

Skill Tips:

  • Into the Void makes you immune to all damage including damage caused by being outside the zone. Exploiting this can create some extremely interesting plays, especially in the late game when the ring’s damage is at its highest.
  • Into the Void is not a cleanse, certain abilities like Caustic’s gas will continue to slow you even once you’ve entered the void.

Dimensional Rift


This ability has a two and a half minute cooldown and allows you to set up a pair of portals that are connected. Entering one portal will portal you to the other.

Skill Usage:

Set up an exit strategy. Before entering a fight place down your ultimate for an emergency exit for your entire team. This allows your team to push a little more aggressively than usual. Alternatively, use as a tool to catch up to your teammates if they have been entrapped in an unexpected fight. Get creative!

Skill Tips:

  • Teammates and enemies can enter your portals.
  • Any actions prior to entering the portal will be canceled. Things like healing, abilities or throwing items will not work in the portal.
  • You can chain Wraith’s ultimate ability with her tactical ability to help set up the portal safely or to rapidly maneuver around the map, just remember while in the Void you cannot see enemies, so beware you don’t end up in the middle of a fight you have no business being in.
  • Try to portal bait as much as possible. When an enemy engages, jump through your portal and wait for them on the other side. You can perform this with your team also by having them wait at the portal exit.
  • Knocked teammates can go through the portal, which can be helpful for your team if ever the situation arises.

Apex Legends Wraith Tips

The first hurdle you will need to overcome to start playing Wraith at a higher skill level is to master her passive. Once you’re able to use the audio cues and actively warn teammates of impending danger, you’ll notice a vast improvement to your team play. Combining Wraiths passive with her tactical ability can make you nearly untouchable.

The Void does have its own set of drawbacks, especially for beginners. Once in the void, you will see shadows and outlines of what appears to be enemies. They aren’t. They are in fact Wraith. When Wraith activates this ability, she is able to see every outcome she has ever made creating multiple timelines.

  • Dimensional Rift will automatically place the portal once the energy bar runs out so no ultimates go to waste.
  • Into the Void insulates you from receiving any damage including the zone.
  • Downed teammates can still use your ultimate to get to safety.
  • Combining your ultimate with your tactical ability will allow you to cover more ground.
  • Your portals will last 60 seconds.

Who Counters Wraith?

Thanks to the Tactical ability of Wraith, no Legends are a tremendous counter. The ability to mitigate all sources of damage with one click can disrupt and nullify many ultimate’s. However, if there was one Legend that could counter Wraith, it would have to be Bloodhound. His tracking and vision abilities make it hard for Wraith to flank without placing herself in danger.


  • Wraith has very high mobility
  • Impressive defensive capabilities due to her passive and tactical abilities.
  • Game-changing ultimate


  • Passive can at times have no beneficial effect as by the time you are notified the enemy is already shooting at you.
  • You can be tracked in the void, positioning incorrectly can leave you defenseless.
  • Effective ultimates take time to master.
  • Enemies can use your portal, which can sometimes catch you off guard.

Wraith Legendary Skins


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