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With League’s preseason right around the corner, Riot Games is carefully reviewing Wukong’s champion update with plans to release it on live clients before the end of this year. Champion designer Nathan ‘ Lutzburg ‘ Lutz has voluntarily released an announcement today about the Monkey King’s mini-rework with a list of Wukong future changes.

“We want to take this opportunity to improve Wukong and give him some new tools to succeed in Season 10 and beyond.” These tools will include alternative build paths that focus on higher durability, and new ways to capitalize on Wukong’s tricky nature.”

Riot Lutzburg

With his passive, Wukong is now gaining resistance when he has three or more enemy champions nearby. In addition, after utilizing a skill, he will receive bonus attack range. The physical damage has been decreased on Wukong’s Q, but it deals bonus magic and heals Wukong. Wukong and his clones rigorously apply stacking markers to their target, resulting in a percentage increase in the damage they do.

The Monkey King dashes to a target location for his W, intentionally leaving behind a clone. The clone persists for just a few seconds and is unable to move, but it can strike surrounding enemies for 50 percent damage. In a similar fashion, his E now generates a clone upon dashing to a targeted threat. Clones are units that can be controlled as well as interrupt spells.

The ultimate of Wukong has largely remained unaffected, but if Wukong casts another ability it can now be canceled early.

Lutzburg noted these improvements were open to minor adjustments, but the current rework will not be undergoing a radical overhaul. While Riot respectfully declined to include an exact date for the changes to be implemented to the Public Beta Environment fans should anticipate them to be on the beta platform in the near future. Before the end of the year, the conclusive result is expected to hit live servers.