Epic Games have once again demonstrated their willingness to punish those that mistreat their community guidelines.  Brandon Lucas, also known as ‘Golden Modz’ has 1.7 million YouTube subscribers and has become the latest target for Epic Games. Lucas allegedly violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by visibly showing himself cheating at Fortnite and selling his Fortnite cheats through his website.

Epic Games’ lawsuit has been brought against Lucas and his partner Colton Conter.

“‘Lucas is operating these websites and selling these cheats and accounts for his own personal enrichment. He posts videos of people using the cheats for the same reason,’ said Epic Games.”

Cheater Sued in Fortnite Battle Royale
Cheater Sued in Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games have since reached out to YouTube to have the videos removed, in contempt of Lucas’ pleas of innocence. Stating in a recent video “I’m almost kind of feeling I’m being discriminated against by Epic Games you know I’m just a kid that’s making YouTube videos and a lot of people were enjoying this,”

Known for their hard stance on cheater Epic Games acquired a Finnish anti-cheat company, and have proven that even though they‘re actively working to stop cheaters by use of software they are also willing to take make an example of obvious cheaters publically. Essentially devaluing new potential cheats in the future which they hope will act as a strong deterrent.